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Post  DreadShadow on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:51 pm

These are the forum rules. You must follow and respect them. Breaking them may result in a warning, disabling of abilities or even a ban from the forums. These rules applies everywhere on the forums, including Private Messages.

Thread Rules: When you post a new thread, you must use a title related to your thread.
Language: Swearing is not allowed on the forums. Trying to avoid the bad word filter is even worse.
Please don't type in all-caps, it means that you shout.
Respect: Generally be nice to each others. Insulting, flaming and trolling is not allowed.
Spam: Don't spam or go off-topic. Spamming is only allowed in the Spam Section. But don't worry, we don't look very strictly on this rule.
Inappropriate Content: Defamatory, racist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or insulting content is not allowed here!
Authorities have final say: The leader have final say! Before the Leader, it's an Administrator, before an Administrator it's a Moderator.
Ignoring the moderators, administrators or leaders warnings and continuing to break the rules may result in a ban.
Avatar and Signature Rules: Sexually oriented avatars and signatures must be avoided. Avatars must be no more than 100x100 pixels, 64KB in file size and animation in avatars is not allowed. Signatures can be up to 500 letters.
Activity: Please try to be active on the forums. At least once a week. We don't want complete inactivity here.
Vacation: If you are going on vacation, please tell in the Vacation thread in the General Discussion.
Fun: The most important rule: Have fun! Or else... Lol

Warning System:

If you break one of these rules you will get a warning from a Moderator. In extreme cases, you can get more than one warning, and/or disabled features such as PM messaging.
The Moderator will then decide when the warning will expire. Some warnings may never expire.
When you got 3 warnings, you will be banned from the forums, until one of your warnings expire.
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Retired Admin/Home Sec.

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